1. Make pasta dough
  2. Role out using pasta maker:
    • use 135 g of dough
    • repeated folding and rolling on setting 1
    • continue to setting 4
    • optional cut in half
    • role out on setting 5
  3. Put a layer onto the ravioli maker.
  4. Add filling
  5. Add second layer
  6. seal by using rolling pin


Figure 1: filled ravioli before adding second layer


Figure 2: filled ravioli taken out of the ravioli maker

Possible fillings:


amount   ingredient
1 box 227 g ricotta
7-8   sun dried tomatoes
1/2 tea spoon   garlic powder
1 table spoon   lemon juice
2 table spoons   nutrional yeast

enough filling for 42-48 ravioli.

The pasta dough makes enough dough for more ravioli. When running out of filling, the remaining dough can be used to make fettucini. When making 46 ravioli, I end up with roughly 90 g fettucini at the end.